Our customers have typically come to us seeking cost saving and longer life cycles for their equipment. Today, we have a range of specialty grades in our Cromgard® family that provides you with options to maximize performance in your industry. Our team of specialists has the experience and technical knowledge to help best match our offerings to meet the mechanical, chemical, structural and thermal properties that meet the needs of your operational conditions and requirements.

“By using Cromgard® we have been able to tremendously cut down our long-term costs and maintenance. It’s also much more economical than traditional stainless steel. Plus, it doesn’t fluctuate in price, so this allows us to budget each year and slowly switch to Cromgard® where it is most needed. We’re using it throughout the plant.”

– Louis Acevedo, Sterling Sugars

Cromgard® C12

At 12-percent Chromium, it offers high strength and long-term durability. It is 85% stronger than 304L SS*, and stronger and more corrosion resistant than aluminum. It is up to 250 times more corrosion resistant than uncoated mild steel and is an economical substitute for conventional stainless steel where mild corrosive conditions do not justify use of expensive 18/8 grades. Cromgard® C12’s excellent strength properties also provide the opportunity to reduce weight in structural applications.  *(for thicknesses <6mm)

Cromgard® C20-1

At 20-percent chromium, it has similar general, pitting and crevice corrosion resistance to 201, 201L, 304 and 304L stainless steels.   However, this is dependent on the corrosion media. For example, Cromgard® C20-1 has significantly better corrosion resistance than 316L in sulphuric acid (H2SO4) solutions. The atmospheric corrosion resistance of Cromgard® C20-1 is unequaled by virtually all other uncoated engineering materials and it is normally sufficient in urban and industrial environments. The excellent strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) make Cromgard® C20-1 suitable for applications such as process and storage tanks, some food and beverage applications as well as several structural applications.

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