We can calculate the entire Mass and Energy (M&E) Balance of your factory for multiple operation scenarios, including expansion and design. We can also crosscheck your Factory Report to provide meaningful insight into your operational efficiency, validate you have the most accurate data, and improve your bottom line.

This report is like having an in house consultant! How well is your factory performance? These are questions the report can help you answer!

Dr. Harold Birkett developed the software, and it has been run thousands of times for hundreds of factories worldwide. Dr. Birkett reviews every M&E and Efficiency Report to guarantee top-notch results.

Software Services

M&E Balance Report

  • Get M&E balance for your current, planned, and expansion operation of your whole sugar factory.
  • Pinpoint areas of deficiency or redundancy.
  • Improve your factory steam consumption.
  • Get your boiler’s efficiency*, steam availability from bagasse, and live steam data.
  • Analyze your factory capacity for future expansion.
  • Our software has over twenty different boiling schemes.
  • Save money on buying the right size equipment.

Factory Efficiency Report

  • We recalculate your factory report to detect errors.
  • We run additional calculations to provide whether the reported numbers are theoretically possible.
  • We run extra calculations to provide useful factory performance data that allows for making recommendations.
  • We advise how well the factory stations are running and advise on possible improvements.

About Prof. Harold Birkett, Ph.D

Over 60 years of sugar, ethanol, and sugar by-products experience. Holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Birkett is an Associate Professor of Sugar Technology at Audubon Sugar Institute, Louisiana State University. He was also the process Manager in sugar factories and ethanol facilities in Guyana and the USA. He worked at Schaffer & Associates for over 40 years in projects worldwide. Member and past president of the American Society of Sugarcane Technologists and the author of over 50 publications.