Running out of money to keep inspecting and repairing corroding steel tanks, stacks, pilings, clarifier hardware, bleach towers, conveyor hoods, ash hoppers and the like? Consider replacing the steel with Crompion International’s various grades of Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steels with their proven record of superior performance in the pulp and paper industry.

Our weldable specialty stainless steel, Cromgard C12 outperforms low carbon steel in strength, atmospheric corrosion resistance, corrosive-abrasion resistance and resistance to under-insulation corrosion. Cromgard C12 is used by several pulp and paper companies in place of painted carbon steel, galvanized steel and aluminum for tanks, structures and other applications. In addition to sheet and plate products, we provide fabricated parts assembled to customer specifications, and ship them ready to use.


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