Well suited to stand up to challenging, corrosive and abrasive environments, Crompion International’s Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steel has a history of superior performance in the sweeper industry in such areas as street sweepers and truck-mounted vacuum parking lot and airport runway sweepers.

A low-cost, next-generation stainless steel, Cromgard C12 provides strength, corrosion and abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance, as well as  good weldability and formability, making it capable of fabrication by conventional techniques. Cromgard C12 has been used successfully by a variety of sweeper companies in cab and subassembly construction, hoppers, lightweight brackets and areas such as fenders. Due to its higher strength than 304SS and conventional aluminum, Cromgard C12 allows you the ability to specify a thinner gauge and create a lighter-weight vehicle. In addition to supplying our sheet and plate products, we provide fabricated parts and assemblies to predetermined specifications and ship them ready to use.


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