Send your CAD data to our technicians to save time, increase precision, and improve utilization of material.

Crompion International offers 3-D CAD modeling capabilities. Customers simply send our team your CAD data, which can be used for estimating and programming; thus, saving time and increasing precision. If our technicians are involved early enough, we can often offer suggestions on ways to improve your parts by utilizing Cromgard® Specialty Stainless Steel.

We have the capability of importing a customer’s 3D model to estimate a simulation and develop a Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Capabilities and Results:

3D Model Support

Once your 3D model is entered into our FEA program, we conduct an analysis, based upon the application “loading” requirements. We can estimate the loading based upon the material properties of your current alloy specification, and we can check the various components of assemblies to ensure there are no interferences or misalignments.


  • Identification of dimensional interference issues
  • Confirmation of fit and function of all components
  • Clarification of weld joint design and locations
  • Recommendations on potential improvements:
  • Optimum/Reduction of material usage
  • Optimum internal material stress and stain
  • Identification of assembly issues and solutions

FEA and Simulation Program

We review 3D models for potential high stress areas where failure or buckling could damage the parts or assembly. We also make modifications to the “loading” requirements to ensure the analysis is as close to real-world application as possible. In order to make recommendations on material usage, we will make modifications to the model’s parametric dimensions and determine whether a different alloy or reduction in material is necessary.


  • Identification of critical stress areas within application
  • Identification of weld locations and effects on joint design
  • Recommendation on weight and material savings options
  • Recommendation on optimal alloys to be used
  • Recommendation on alternative materials, such as Cromgard®, to be used to provide greater strength capabilities