The Crompion LLT Clarifier

The Crompion LLT Clarifier is a great innovation for the clarification of sugarcane juice. The main feature of our clarifier is that it utilizes turbulence reduction devices that eliminate the turbulent eddies in the flow, enhancing the clarification operation. Additionally, the clarifier has an integrated flash tank, Flash Trough®, as we call it, around the equipment’s body, providing more degassing area compared to an external flash tank of equivalent capacity while reducing the possibility of air entrainment. These technologies united, allow for shorter retention times, reducing sucrose losses, and providing a juice of higher quality compared to other clarifiers available in the industry.

To reduce maintenance needs and prolong the clarifier’s life, we recommend fabricating the equipment with Crompion’s Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steel.

Benefits of the Crompion LLT Clarifier

  • Improve your factory’s clear juice quality. Achieve lower clarified juice turbidity (up to 30% less) compared to any other clarifier.
  • The low retention time of the Crompion LLT clarifier decreases sugar losses and the development of color in the juice. Thus, increasing your yields. Lower your factory’s sucrose losses by reducing the purity drop between clear and mud filtrate juice (up to 2.8 units).
  • Increase the factory’s yield (up to 14.2 lb/T.C.).
  • Reduce your factory’s undetermined losses (up to 6.4 lb/T.C.).
  • The clarifier uses less steel compared to an SRI-SRT (30% less) or a DORR or GRAVER (60% less), significantly reducing the CAPEX cost of implementing the technology.
  • Increase your factory’s throughput. The Crompion LLT Clarifier can manage any grinding rate with the benefits of turbulence cancellation.
  • The Crompion LLT Clarifier has a simple design. Therefore, the maintenance of the LLT clarifier is much easier compared to other technologies.
  • High mud loading? No problem! The Crompion LLT Clarifier can handle high mud loads. Moreover, it provides mud with great consistency and porosity to improve the filters’ operation. Lower your sucrose loss in filters (up to 1% sucrose reduction in filter cake).

What does this mean for your bottom line?

For a 1 million ton crop harvest season and an estimated price of sugar of 26¢ a pound we have the following:

Amount Reduced with the LLT Clarifier: 2.8 units

Saving: $228,302.00

Amount Reduced with the LLT Clarifier: 6.4 lb/TC

Saving: $1,664,000.00

Amount Reduced with the LLT Clarifier: 1% Filter Cake

Saving: $259,740.00

Amount Reduced with the LLT Clarifier: 14.2 lb/TC

Saving: $3,692,000.00

Design of the LLT Clarifier

  1. At each juice endpoint, the LLT Clarifier has a patented turbulence reduction device (TRD) that cancels the turbulent EDDIES. In other words, the LLT Clarifier does not have the problems associated with high turbulence like the other clarifiers!
  2. A network of juice feed pipes introduces juice through a series of hydraulically uniform pathways over the cross-sectional area of the clarifier.
  3. The feed channels are designed to maintain the flow relatively high to reduce the potential of plugging and scaling.
  4. Uniformly distributed outlets at the top portion of the clarifier collect the juice overflow.

The Flash Trough®

  1. The Crompion LLT Clarifier has the alternative to integrate a Flash Trough® that eliminates the necessity of an external flash tank.
  2.  This patented design provides an additional degassing area compared to a flash tank of equivalent capacity.
  3.  The Flash Trough® reduces the factory’s footprint by eliminating the necessity of support structures and foundations and requires less steel compared to a conventional flash tank.
  4.  Finally, the Flash Trough® eliminates the issues associated with flash tank misplacements that lead to poor degassing and clarification problems.


We have successfully implemented the Crompion LLT Clarifier for the following applications:

  • Mixed Juice Clarification: We can design an entirely new clarifier for your factory or retrofit the existing one to clarify mixed juice.
  • Mud Filtrate Clarification: We can design a very short retention Time Clarifier, close to 10 minutes, to clarify mud filtrate and direct this stream to the evaporators, eliminating the detrimental recirculation of the filtrate!
  • Organic Sugar Production: clarifying sugarcane juice for organic sugar production can be quite a challenge! Our patented turbulence reduction technology can minimize the inefficiencies of organic flocculants that lead to lower settling rates. With less internal recirculations, the throughput of our clarifier would not be as affected compared to other available technologies, plus, you will benefit of always obtaining lower juice turbidity!

Sugar Mills using the LLT Clarifier

  • Ingenio Tululá, Guatemala, Central America
  • Ingenio La Cabaña, El Salvador, Central America
  • Sterling Sugars, Louisiana, Noth America
  • Westfield Sugar Factory, Louisiana, Noth America
  • Lula Sugar Factory, Louisiana, Noth America
  • Andhra Sugars, India, Asia

The Crompion LLT Clarifier offers short retention time, best juice quality, lower sucrose loss, lower CAPEX and OPEX costs, a simple design with a dominant performance, and easy maintenance and cleaning. All this is pretty sweet!