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Mining equipment must be built to withstand challenging, corrosive, and abrasive environments, suitable for transporting minerals and other ores around a job site and beyond. Crompion International’s Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steel has a rich history in mining and over 30 other industries that demand extreme durability.


Our Cromgard Stainless Steel is a perfect economical, yet highly effective solution for dozens of wear areas and material handling applications across the industry. Durability and versatility were top-of-mind when designing Cromgard C12–that’s why we offer it in a variety of forms to fit whatever specific applications you’re creating, like different sizes and thicknesses of sheet and plate ( common mining thickness are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 20mm), pipes, and other parts and components. Though we have a wide range of pre-made sizes to choose from that are ready for use, our team is more than happy to work with you on a custom solution if the sizes provided don’t fulfill your exact needs.

Benefits to Cromgard C12

Cromgard C12 was designed to be a multi-purpose use stainless steel with corrosion and abrasion resistance in mind. Because of this, its polished finish will allow the material to easily slide to its desired output. Its high resistance isn’t sacrificed by other qualities, though–Cromgard boasts 85% higher strength than an average 304L SS, maintains formability during fabrication, and requires very low maintenance over time.

Cromgard C12 Applications

Cromgard C12 has been used for dozens of wear-prone applications across many industries. Customers often opt for Cromgard over materials like carbon steel, galvanized mild steel, and 304 SS which can actually extend machine and equipment operating life by 3-5 times. See below for ways other mining professionals have used Cromgard.

  • Coal, mining, and power generation
    • Conveyors
    • Chutes
    • Hoppers
    • Air bed conveyors
    • Buckets
    • Liners
    • Precipitators
    • Receiving tables
    • Coal, aggregate, and ore cars
    • Storage silos

We’re here to help!

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