AirBed Conveyors & Cromgard Stainless Steel Double Your Savings

The 72-inch width air-supported cane conveyor, using Cromgard Utility Stainless Steel at the Lula Sugar Factory, Belle Rose, Louisiana

Like Air used in a hockey table to support the puck, Air is used to support a belt and the bulk material it transports. Airbed conveyors use meticulously calibrated air chambers in a plenum that produce a cushion of air to support a conveying belt, rather than conventional conveyors that use expensive drives, idlers, and rollers. The air cushion reduces friction, thus reducing dust emission, maintenance and friction-oriented components compared to conventional roller-supported conveyors. Savings can be further enhanced by incorporating Cromgard Stainless Steel into the design, which lowers installation costs, and extends the life of the equipment due to its slide ability and its corrosion and abrasion resistance

Crompion International has 20 year’s experience suppling Airbed conveyor material and can help you.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of airbed conveyors:

Virtually No Maintenance

No troughing idlers to replace or lubricate, a big cost savings.

Greater Structural Support

The box girder construction of the airbed plenum results in an inherent structural strength allowing for lighter trusses and increased spacing between support columns which save in construction costs.

Power Reduction

Low losses to friction result in lower energy consumption and longer belt life. Combined, the low horsepower centrifugal fan with a drive
motor power is much less than that of a conventional troughing conveyor. This adds up to huge energy savings.

Steeper Slope

The trough characteristics allow for steeper slopes and shorter conveyer lengths, thus better utilization of available space.

Lower Noise & Better Slide Ability

The airbed conveyors offer less noise due to less moving parts and friction they cause. Manufacturers using Cromgard, get a better angle of friction and better slide ability than mild steel or 304 stainless.

Lower Belt Tension

Because the load bearing length of the belt is continuously supported on an air cushion, it is not subjected to the same stresses as a conventional belt; therefore, the airbed conveyor can operate with thinner belts and at lower tensions.

No Tracking Problems

There are no tracking problems and higher belt speeds can be achieved without damage to product or belt.

Flexible Facility Design

The reversible conveyor allows for innovative and flexible facility design.

Reduced Spillage

Conveyor walls are U-shaped, which allows for better retention of materials.

Ability to Enclose

Since there are no rollers or idlers to maintain, the conveyor can be totally enclosed. This can be very important for conveyors that transport precious product, powders or product that can create flammable dusts.


Airbed conveyors are a good application for conveying Sugar, Bagasse, Diamond Ore, Wood Chips, Salt, Grain, and Coal.

Overall, airbed conveyor systems can offer annual savings in maintenance, installation, safety, and energy savings from the thousands to millions of dollars over a lifetime. Manufacturers will double their savings using Cromgard, as its superior strength and lighter weight means you actually use less of it. Add to that its corrosion and abrasion resistant qualities, and Cromgard is the only material that makes sense for your airbed conveyor system.

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