Crompion’s Vacuum Belt Filtration System: Maximizing Sucrose Recovery in Sugarcane Production

Vacuum Belt Filtration

The Challenge: In the sugarcane industry, maximizing sucrose extraction from clarifier mud is crucial for profitability. Conventional filtration systems often fall short in this critical area.

Crompion’s Solution: Crompion’s innovative Vacuum Belt Filtration System addresses this challenge head-on, offering superior sucrose recovery compared to traditional methods. Here’s how:

  • Unmatched Efficiency:
    • Higher Vacuum Power: Operating at 15-20 inches of mercury (compared to the industry standard of 1-2 inches), Crompion’s system significantly increases extraction efficiency, capturing more sucrose from the mud.
    • Fine Mesh Filtration: A fine mesh filter cloth traps even the smallest suspended solids, resulting in cleaner filtrate with lower turbidity. This translates to higher purity and quality in the final sugar product.
    • Enhanced Mud Processing: The powerful vacuum allows for faster processing of larger volumes of mud, maximizing sucrose extraction and overall production efficiency.
  • Verified Performance:
    • Reduced Sucrose Loss: Studies at Enterprise Sugar Factory demonstrated a lower pol (sucrose percentage) in the filter cake (1.06%) compared to the competitor’s filter (1.68%). This signifies less sugar being left behind in the discarded material.
    • Improved Juice Purity: Crompion’s system achieved a higher mud retention rate (99.0% vs. 89.5%), removing more impurities and leading to purer, higher quality sucrose.
    • Clearer Sugar Juice: The significantly lower juice turbidity (692 NTU) compared to the competitor’s filter (2177 NTU) indicates fewer suspended solids, contributing to a clearer and higher quality sugar juice.
  • Beyond Efficiency:
    • Simplified Design & Maintenance: Fewer moving parts minimize the risk of breakdowns and simplify maintenance, reducing costs.
    • Flexible Cake Drying: Precise control over vacuum and speed allows for superior cake drying capabilities, adaptable to varying operational needs.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: The streamlined design and higher efficiency translate to lower operating costs and increased profitability.

The Crompion Advantage:

By choosing Crompion’s Vacuum Belt Filtration System, sugar producers can achieve:

  • Higher Yields: Recover more sucrose from the mud, maximizing production output.
  • Improved Product Quality: Produce purer, clearer sugar juice for a better final product.
  • Enhanced Cost Savings: Benefit from lower operational costs and increased efficiency.

With its unmatched sucrose recovery, validated performance, and additional operational benefits, Crompion’s system stands as the optimal solution for maximizing sucrose extraction in sugarcane production.


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