Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided as a general guide. For more detailed answers and the most current information in our ever-evolving industry, we encourage you to contact our knowledgeable technical services team members. One of our professionals will gladly assess your specific application and answer any questions you may have.

All Cromgard® grades of stainless steel meet UNS standards and most can be dual certified to meet European (EN) standards as well.

The Cromgard® Family of Stainless Steels includes Ferritic, Duplex and Lean Duplex type stainless steels.  Common to all is the fact that they are special non-commodity stainless steels that are superior in alternatives to commodity type steels, they are price-stable and generally all fabrication-friendly.  The Cromgard® Family includes next generation stainless steels that require special support.

Cromgard® can be fabricated with common processes used for structural and other grades of stainless steel. It offers great cutting, forming, and weldability, and can easily be coated or painted. Detailed information and advice on all recommended fabrication processes can be obtained by request from one of our technical staff.

If you’re visiting our web site, odds are that Cromgard® is a great alternative for your application. However, every application is unique. Please contact our technical service team to find out more detailed information on the best Cromgard® solution for you.

Our staff are specially trained to put their knowledge and experience to work analyzing your manufacturing process to discover places where the exact grade of Cromgard® can help lower maintenance costs and extend the life cycle of your equipment.

Most of the Cromgard® Family of Stainless Steel is not subject to erratic price fluctuations because it does not depend upon expensive alloying elements like nickel and molybdenum. Over the years, it has maintained a consistently lower cost advantage compared to other corrosion-resisting materials.

Crompion International has inventory warehoused at strategic locations to ensure our product is always readily available. Our headquarters are located next to the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With stocking locations in California, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, and Maryland, we can respond to our customer’s demands with speed and efficiency.

Our Cromgard® grades of stainless steel are available in both imperial and metric thicknesses. We can sell as thin as 0.6mm (24 gauge) up to as large as 30mm (approximately 1.18”). Typically we sell 60” x 120” or 60” x 240” and custom lengths from coil. However, just call us to discuss what you need and we’ll work to supply you with exactly that. Please call about current availability of all grades of Cromgard®.

No, there is not a limit on weight or the number of pieces you can order.

Yes, Cromgard® is available in tubing. Details on Tubing are located under our Materials section.

Crompion International partners with manufacturers who can fabricate turnkey parts for our customers.

Crompion International is constantly in research and development testing Cromgard® in new applications. Investing in this process helps to better serve our customers and contributes to their long-term success.

We can set up an account in as little as 24 hours. Some of the time variables include the response time of financial institutions.

Crompion International has relationships with numerous mills located around the globe. These partner mills produce high-quality Cromgard® stainless steels.