Multi Mis-Alignment Rope Coupling (MMRC)

Welcome to the future of mill operations! Crompion is proud to present the revolutionary Multi Mis-Alignment Rope Coupling (MMRC), a game-changer in the transmission of torques from gear to mill top. Bid farewell to outdated square couplings and tail bars, and embrace a design that offers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and minimal maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Design with Polyester Slings: The MMRC employs Polyester Slings to achieve a design that is remarkably flexible, capable of absorbing substantial mis-alignments between the top roller and the output shaft of the driving gear.
  • Balanced Couples for Minimal Strain: The MMRC creates balanced couples in a plane normal to the coupling axis, eliminating the bending moments and thrust typically generated by mis-alignments between gear and top roller.
  • Enhanced Extraction Performance: Unlike traditional tail bars, the MMRC allows unrestricted movement of the Mill Top Roller, contributing to improved mill efficiency and performance.
  • Lower Final Bagasse Moisture: When installed on the last mill, the MMRC is designed to contribute to lower final bagasse moisture, ensuring optimal results.
  • Mis-Alignment Absorption: The MMRC excels in absorbing mis-alignments between the square end of the gear shaft and the top roller, mitigating lateral thrust and bending moments.
  • Reduced Torque and Power Consumption: A boon for environmental and economic concerns, the MMRC significantly reduces torque and power consumption.
  • Breakage Elimination: Say goodbye to the risk of crown pinion and top roller breakage, as the MMRC provides a robust and durable solution.
  • Negligible Maintenance: In the pursuit of operational efficiency, the MMRC demands minimal maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience for mill operators.

Comparison of Mill Tail Bar Coupling and Rope Coupling



1 Misalignment Capability: Marginal Can take axial displacement, angular misalignment, and end float simultaneously without breaking
2 Ratio of (Bending Moment) / (Drive Torque): 100 % <5%
3 Amplitude of the Cyclic Bending Stress: 105 Mpa < 5 MPa
4 Bearing at Gear Side & Mill Side: Wears out faster due to end thrust No thrust and no wear
5 Vibration on the Driving Gear Plummer Block: Vibrations are moderate to heavy Vibrations are eliminated
6 Gear Teeth Surface: Shows signs of wearing out fast due to thrust loads No uneven wear patterns; improves after installations
7 Extraction Performance: Obstructs the free-floating of the top roller, reducing extraction Does not impose constraining thrust on the top roller, improving juice extraction
8 Bagasse Moisture: Higher due to restricted top roller movement Lower due to the free-floating of the top roller
9 Torque and Power Consumption: Causes loss of torque and power Reduces friction losses, saving operating torque and reducing power consumption
10 Misalignment Between Gear Shaft & Mill Shaft: Causes damage to top roller, crown pinion & drive system Misalignment fully absorbed by rope coupling, eliminating abnormal wear and tear
11 Mill Stoppages: Chokes caused by tail bar coupling restraints No chokes due to the free-floating top roller
12 Space Requirement: More space is required between the gear shaft and the mill shaft Can be accommodated in minimum space between Mill and gear shaft
13 Initial Installation Cost: Less Higher
14 Payback Period: Less than 2 cane harvest


The MMRC is ideally suited for applications in sugar mills and other industries where efficient torque transmission and mis-alignment absorption are paramount.

As leaders in innovative solutions for mill operations, Crompion brings you the MMRC—a coupling that doesn’t just meet industry standards but redefines them. Upgrade your mill’s performance with the MMRC and experience the future today.