Crompion International began in 2000 as American Utility Metals—a distributor of a single grade of specialty stainless steel.

Mr. Schaffer began supporting stainless steel for the sugar industry, then through inherent strutural strength properties, grew into the bus frame and other transportation related industries.  In 2012, our company initiated a major transformation in order to offer customers a wider variety of premium products and services tailored to meet our customers’ needs across a broad array of industries.

We back our high-quality products with unsurpassed in-house experience and knowledge.  From our technical engineers and partner  metallurgists who work one-on-one with customers to develop solutions tailored to specific applications, to our service and sales team, we have the resources to ensure world-class delivery of goods and services.

We are committed to ensuring that inventory is in stock, services are performed to exact specifications and orders arrive on time. Crompion’s strong and effective processes allow us to deliver on our promises and consistently satisfy customers.