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Schaffer Sugar Services

Schaffer Sugar Services, Inc. along with its parent company Crompion International and global partners, has offered consulting services and turnkey solutions to the sugar industry since 2000.

Specializing in design, engineering, material supply and equipment fabrication, Schaffer Sugar Services, Inc. is led by a highly knowledgeable team with decades of technical and metallurgical experience.

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Process design and engineering services are offered for the modification, expansion and evaluation of new and existing sugar, ethanol and cogen facilities. We maintain exclusive rights to Material and Energy Balance (M&E Balance) software, as well as the engineering to interpret the results so as to maximize design efficiency.

Steel and Materials Consulting

Our metallurgical engineers can design and recommend the best materials to ensure that equipment reaches its best economical life with as little downtime as possible.  Schaffer Sugar Services, through it parent company, holds exclusive designs and patents on material applications, which are by far the leading wear solutions in the Sugar Industry.


Crompion International has licensed a new type of low-residence time juice clarifier, developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. The Crompion LLT (Louisiana Low Turbulence) Clarifier uses a patent-pending design of fluid distributors that significantly reduces fluid velocity and eliminates turbulent eddies inside the clarifier. The new patent-pending design incorporates a built-in flash tank that assures no air is entrained before entering the clarifier. As a result of the innovative Crompion LLT Clarifier, superior juice quality can be obtained at much shorter residence times.

Additionally, we offer a new type of Very Low Residence Time (VSRT) juice clarifier to significantly reduce sucrose inversion, increase clarification capacity and improve juice quality. The Crompion LLT Filtrate Juice Clarifier improves effciency, maximizes mill performance, increases sugar yield and saves money. 

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