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LLT Clarifier

Crompion International has licensed a new type of low-residence time juice clarifier, developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. The Crompion LLT (Louisiana Low Turbulence) Clarifier uses a patented design of fluid distributors that significantly reduces fluid velocity and eliminates turbulent eddies inside the clarifier. The new Crompion LLT Clarifier design incorporates a built-in flash trough that ensures no air is attained before entering the clarifier. As a result of the innovative Crompion LLT Clarifier, superior juice quality can be obtained at much shorter residence times. 



Lowest Turbidity Juice

The new Crompion LLT Clarifier reduces the juice turbidity at the residence time of 10 to 30 minutes depending upon the application. These results have been validated by industrial trials where the Crompion LLT Clarifier was run side by side with alternative clarifier designs.

Lowest Residence Time

Most of the old clarifiers still in use today have a residence span in the range of one to two hours. Some of the new “best technology” clarifiers range between 30-45 minutes. Commercial trials have demonstrated that the Crompion LLT Clarifier design outperformed the conventional designs in terms of turbidity levels.

Sugar Loss Reduction and Savings

Shorter residence time results in a decrease of sucrose destruction and less color formation. With residence time at below 30 minutes, it is estimated that the money saved on sugar losses, when compared to a traditional clarifier, could pay for the Crompion LLT Clarifier in just over a year. Because of the shorter residence time, heat losses are also reduced,which results in energy savings.





Five Crompion LLT Clarifiers have been operating worldwide for the last three years, and results have been very positive. The Crompion LLT Clarifier design showed, on average, 20% better performance than the SRI design at lower residence time. In addition, the entrainment problems have been resolved with the addition of the new clarifier/flash tank.

Crompion LLT Clarifier industrial trials in 2012 demonstrated that solids can be settled from filtrate in a 10-minute residence time. The clarified filtrate may be combined with the clarified juice and sent to the evaporators, which reduces the recycling of non-sugars and improves throughput by 15%-20%.

Sugar Beet

A test program is currently underway to develop applications for the removal of solids from raw beet juice and press water. It is expected that an inexpensive clarifier with a five to ten minute residence will remove large portions of sand and other suspended
solids, thus reducing lime usage and alleviating maintenance problems.

Water Treatment,Mining and Other Industries

Because of their simplicity, low turbulence, and high throughput,
Crompion LLT Clarifiers will be beneficial for cost reduction in water treatment, mining and a variety of other industries where solid-liquid separation is critical.

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