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What We Do

What We Do at Schaffer Sugar Services

Design and Engineering
Process design and engineering services are offered for the modification, expansion and evaluation of new and existing sugar, ethanol and cogen facilities. We maintain exclusive rights to Material and Energy Balance (M&E Balance) software, as well as the engineering to interpret the results so as to maximize design efficiency. Through the partnership with Louisiana State University, we use some of the most powerful super computers available to evaluate designs using Computerized Fluid Dynamics (CFD). We use only the most cutting-edge software in our designs.

Construction Supervision
Construction supervision in connection with the modification, expansion, modernization and erection of new and existing facilities is available. Our construction supervision partnerships go back over 40 years in sugar mill and industrial construction.  Going back to the roots of the company, Schaffer Sugar Services has an unparalleled track record for success in completing successful projects.

Equipment Fabrication
Using well-known designs and applying the latest in technological improvements, we are able to fabricate most sugar process equipment, from Clarifiers and Heaters to Vacuum Pans and Evaporators to Conveyors and Scrubbers. Our design engineers have over 20 years of experience in custom designing sugar related equipment at both in-house and partner shops.

Metal Selection
Our metallurgical engineers can design and recommend the best materials to ensure that equipment reaches its best economical life with as little downtime as possible.  Schaffer Sugar Services, through it parent company, holds exclusive designs and patents on material applications, which are by far the leading wear solutions in the Sugar Industry.

In conjunction with Louisiana State University and our experienced engineering team, we can offer intensive short courses in sugar technology, actual operations and equipment maintenance.  Using an updated Syllabus of the Schaffer Sugar School, courses include Can Handling, Preparation and Milling, Clarification, Evaporation, Energy Economy, Instrumentation, Chemical Control, M&E Balance and Process Run Report Interpretation and Factory Operation Supervision.

Process Design
Energy and mass balance, water balance, process flow diagram, piping and instrumentation diagram, projects of thermal generation and cogeneration, fluid dynamics, risk analysis and data sheet for the acquisition of equipment.

Mechanical Design
Plot-plan, design and analysis of pressure vessel, atmospheric storage tanks, mechanical design and analysis, finite element analysis (FEA), dynamic analysis, plan view of loading and risk analysis.

Piping Design
Pipe design, flexibility analysis, piping material specification, isometric, pipe plan view, pipe support design, 3D visualization, pipe material list and pipe loading data.

Structural Design
Steel structure, reinforced concrete, precast concrete, prestressed concrete and dynamic analysis.

Geotechnical Design
Earthwork, drainage, foundation, slope and rock stability analysis and retaining walls.

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