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About Our Steels

Stainless Steels are special class of high alloy, corrosion resistant steels containing a minimum of 10.5% Chromium by mass. The addition of Chromium contributes to the automatic formation of an ultra-thin Cr-oxide layer on the steel's surface such that the metal underneath it gets protected.

Stainless steels can be rolled into plates, sheets, coils and tubes and are used in various applications such as cutlery, medical instruments, storage tanks as well as structural construction material in many industries.

Crompion International offers a wide variety of stainless steels within its Cromgard family of steel offerings. The ferritic groups are magnetic and display good corrosion resistance even in the absence of nickel in its composition as well as good ductility. Although these grades are not as corrosion resistant as the austenitic group, they are often more resistant to stress corrosion cracking and display better weldability.

The austenitic steels in are 300 series are non-magnetic and are most widely used across many industries. They have very good corrosion resistance along with very good formability. Unlike their ferritic counterparts, austenitic stainless steels contain significant amount of alloying elements such as nickel and molybdenum which helps enhance its mechanical and corrosion resistant properties. These grades also provide excellent resistance to pitting while displaying an excellent surface finish.

The Cromgard family also contains duplex stainless steel options which combine the properties of both the ferritic and austenitic grades. They show superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties than both previous groups due to their higher alloying element contents. Their higher tensile and yield strength makes them very suitable for structural applications.

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