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Coil Processing

If flatness is critical in your manufacturing process, Crompion International's third-party partners offer stretch leveling services through a partner company to remove the inherent stress that occurs during steel manufacturing. Crompion International customers who utilize our high-quality stretch leveling services see a range of benefits, including:
  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Labor
  • Drastic Reductions in Scrap Loss (compared to ASTM A480 flatness specified material) 

The elimination of multiple bend, welding and assembly set-ups, which are required to compensate for flatness variations, increases throughput and reduces labor and scrap costs dramatically. The increased throughput results from high material utilization and “lights out” capable operations.

With our leveling partner companies offering stretch leveling capabilities up to 96-inches wide there is no need to double handle our material by sending steel out to an additional fabricator; it can be delivered stress-free and ready for manufacturing in one-step. 

Cutting and Stretching Specifications:
Stretch and Leveled Lengths: Minimum 6’; Maximum 53’. They also offer steel cut to length at capabilities up to 96”, and provide paint prep where needed. 

Learn more about our partner's stretch leveling capabilities (PDF)

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