Cromgard Wear Plates

Cromgard Wear Plates

Looking to get more life out of the equipment you use to move cane, beets, dirt, rocks, minerals and any other material that subjects steel parts to extremely corrosive and abrasive conditions? Crompion International’s Cromgard Wear Plate offers extremely durable protection to equipment in a range of applications, especially in the sugar and mining industries. 

The unique design properties of our Cromgard material has raised it surface hardness to approximately 60 HRC, 647 BHN, which tremendously improves the wear resistant characteristic of the Cromgard Wear Plates, while at the same time maintaining the material’s natural corrosion resilience.

To find out more about how Cromgard products can help improve your overall manufacturing process, reduce maintenance and extend the life of your equipment, contact us at 225-343-4219 and ask for a member of our technical services team. 

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