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Coil Processing

If flatness is critical in your manufacturing process, Crompion International stretch leveling services yield a range of benefits. 

Coil Slitting

Crompion International coil slitting services can handle a range of large coils.


Our certified welders can easily weld our materials to your exact specifications.


Crompion International can manufacture stainless parts and components turnkey and ship ready to use. 


Our unique buffing line was custom designed using the latest technologies with added flexibility to accommodate different sheet sizes.

CAD Design Support

Send your CAD data to our technicians to save time, increase precision, and improve utilization of material.

Technical Assistance

Crompion International’s engineering support team and experienced metallurgists can develop solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

Services Upon Request

Allow our technical team to work with you on services that your business needs but may not be listed above. 

Remember, we’re here to help in anyway possible.

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