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  • We started using Cromgard C12 in our operations in 2006 and it’s become an important part of the manufacturing process. We tested it on one project and haven’t looked back since. It’s performed very well and we’re extremely pleased.

  • We used Cromgard C12 in both sheet and plate form for our bus, as well as structural tubing for the subassembly. Crompion also created certain brackets, configurations, and parts for us turnkey, and they did all the legwork.

  • We’ve always used carbon steel before to build hoppers because stainless was not an option due to price. Now, we’re using Cromgard C12 because of the economical cost and believe the long-term performance is worth the investment.

  • After considering different alternatives, we chose Cromgard for the corrosion resistance and formability.

  • If your products rely on high-performance stainless steel to compete and win in the marketplace, Crompion International is a strategic imperative.

  • Cromgard helps us cut down our long-term costs and maintenance and is much more economical than traditional stainless steel. Plus, it doesn’t fluctuate in price so this allows us to budget each year and slowly switch to Cromgard where it is most needed.

  • Cromgard C12 has a combination of high-yield strength and abrasion/corrosion resistance that provides the best and most cost-effective long-term alternative. It’s easy to cut, shape and weld, and we’ve not had any complaints about the product from customers.

  • We replaced our AR400 and 316 with Cromgard C12 because we weren’t getting the wear we thought we should. The original test patch from 1997 is still there and is about the same thickness. When we perform maintenance, we just work around it.


Crompion International offers a range of specialized stainless steel solutions that can help you lower costs, extend the life of your equipment, reduce maintenance and decrease the weight of your end product. Cromgard®, our signature stainless steel, offers strength and durability along with amazing corrosion and abrasion resistance.

We now offer a range of new grades of Cromgard®, providing two primary solutions: to improve performance over early grade 400-series where higher temperatures and corrosion are common, and to provide an alternative to price-volatile, high-nickel stainless like 300-series.

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